Kolulu Taktaki – Early Readers

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40 Book series

A progressive reading series for children that begin to read. The first books have beautiful illustrations only, progressing from there to illustrations with a single word, to simple sentences and ending with more complex sentences.

The topics deal with social and environmental issues that are dealt with in a colourful, imaginative and fun way in Kolulu Taktaki’s world. This allows children to learn in an entertaining manner.

Kolulu Taktaki - Early Reader Series
  • Format: 240 x 165, Portrait, from 8 to 16pp.

 Kolulu Taktaki Early Readers series 

English PackISBN 978-1928369264Pack Price: R 1520.00 incl.
IsiXhosa PackISBN 978-1928369790Pack Price: R 1520.00 incl.
SeSotho PackISBN 978-1928369844Pack Price: R 1520.00 incl.
1I am Kolulu Taktaki978‐1920519919
2My school978‐1920519926
3My classroom978‐1920519025
4I love books978‐1920519803
5My week978‐1920519933
6My body978‐1920300944
7I am healthy978‐1920300920
8I love summer978‐1920496128
9Shapes and colours978‐1920519940
10My home978‐1920519964
11My family978‐1920519704
12I am safe978‐1920519711
13The weather978‐1920519728
15Festivals and special days978‐1920496142
16The rabbit and the horse978‐1920300692
17Brave Mawela978‐1920300708
18I can hear978‐1920519735
19I can see978‐1920519018
20I can touch978‐1920300593
21Taste and smell978‐1920300654
22Cold winter978‐1920300609
24I want to be…978‐1920519568
25Clean water978‐1920519742
26I love fruit978‐1920519766
28The dairy farm978‐1920519773
29The wool farm978‐1920300579
30Healthy living978‐1920519759
31Easy to forgive978‐1920300685
32The bad moon978‐1920300661
33Wild numbers978‐1920520182
34A new spring978‐1920300555
35Our birds978‐1920519889
36Our reptiles978‐1920519896
38Land animals978‐1920519414
39I know this animal978‐1920300678
40Good sport978‐1920519902