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Our Books

Over the years, various books and characters flow from the imagination of Mthombothi Studios. We’re proud to present these titles for you. [ Johan, we can refine this introduction in more detail ]

Themba and Bizza - Books

The Adventures of Themba and Bizza

The adventures of Themba and Bizza is a series of South African comic books. The genre is Afrocentric Multicultural Fiction set against a background of the folklore, history and mythology of Southern Africa. The books are suitable for grades 4 and higher.

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New Tales from South Africa - Books

New tales from South Africa

An option to the Reading Series of South African Tales, this series combines stories with poems, drama, biographies and other non-fiction texts. Suitable for grade 4 and higher.

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Tales from the Blue Sky - Books

Tales from the Blue Sky

This is a compilation of short stories, profusely illustrated, by various South African authors and illustrators. The books are suitable for grades 1 to 6; the different stories cater for different levels of reading competence.

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Kolulu Taktaki

Kolulu Taktaki

Kolulu Taktaki is a series of books for young children based on stories by young children. Suitable for age 6 to 9.

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Price Lists

To order, print out the price lists below, fill in the required quantities and fax it back to 086 541 7829 or 011 680 1816.

Book Price List 2016 – 2017