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CAPS Graded Reader Series

Intermediate Phase

The Graded Reader series consists of 36 graded reading books for grades 4, 5 and 6. They combine different genres of text: stories, poems, drama and non-fiction, providing a broad reading experience for the learners. The content of each book is developed around a specific theme and the texts are supported by 1. pre-reading activities, 2. a vocabulary list of new and unfamiliar words and 3. excellent illustrations that aid comprehension and enjoyment of reading at this level.

For full details of the content of each book, click on the Illustrated Catalogue button. See pack prices below. For individual prices, see price list in the menu.

Grade 4

I Read!

English pack – 4 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928154

R 316.00

Most-loved Animal Fables

English pack – 4 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928161

R 272.00

Animal Tales from Africa

English pack – 4 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928178

R 272.00

Grade 5

The Adventures of Felix Fox

English pack – 4 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928185

R 272.00

Seasons on the Farm

English pack – 2 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928192

R 148.00

My Favourite stories

English pack – 6 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928208

R 474.00

Grade 6

Africa Myths and Legends

English pack – 4 titles:
ISBN 978-1990928215

R 136.00

New Tales from South Africa

English pack – 2 titles:
ISBN 978-1928369110

R 750.00