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Kolulu Taktaki – Series 1

the central character of Kolulu Taktaki was created by a 7 year-old boy who also wrote the first fantastic, highly imaginative stories. These stories possess an innocence and an absence of selfishness that one finds in children of that age. These qualities have formed the basis for the world of Kolulu Taktaki as seen in all subsequent books.

  • Format: 235 x 175, Landscape, 12 – 16pp.

The big surprise

Kolulu Taktaki is a little boy, 5 years old. He lives in a peaceful little house on top of a small hill, but he gets the surprise of his life one day when he goes for a walk and almost puts his foot on a little fat tail.

The wish

It is a beautiful day when a ray of sunshine lights up a little red stone in the forest path where Kolulu Taktaki is walking. Intrigued, he picks it up, takes it home and learns from his books that he has found a little wishing stone; one of those we would all like to have…

Best friends

Kolulu Taktaki goes to town to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to his best friend Nambi. But suddenly he sees a new girl in the market place, the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He promptly falls in love and forgets all about his friend…

English pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369127

The Big Surprise
The Wish
Best Friends

R 141.50

IsiZulu pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369134

Isimanga Esikhulu
Abangane Abakhulu

R 141.50


IsiXhosa pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369141

Ummangaliso Omkhulu
Abahlobo Abasenyongweni

R 141.50

SePedi pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369158

Mohlolo o Mogolo
Bagwera ba Kgonthe

R 141.50

Afrikaans pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369165

Die groot verrassing
Die Wens
Beste Maats

R 141.50

SeTswana pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369172

Kgagamatso e Kgolo
Ditsala Tse Dikgolo

R 141.50

SeSotho pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369189

Metswalle ya Sebele

R 141.50

XiTsonga pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369196

Xihlamariso Lexikulu
Ku Navela
Vanghana Lavakulu

R 141.50

SiSwati pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369202

Simanga Sendzaba
Bangani Labakhulu

R 141.50

TshiVenda pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369219

Tshimangadzo Tshihulu
Ṱhama Ṱhama

R 141.50

IsiNdebele pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369226

Ukurareka Okukhulu
Abangani Abaphambili

R 141.50

Audio and DVD format

These books have also been developed in AUDIO and DVD format, where the stories are read by expert voice artists. The DVD in addition complements the reading with stunning animation. 

DVD and CDs carry all 11 languages.

 Kolulu Taktaki - Series 1  The Big Surprise
 Kolulu Taktaki - Series 1  Big Surprise
 Kolulu Taktaki - Series 1 the wish
 Kolulu Taktaki - Series 1 Best Friends

CD Pack (3 titles – 11 languages per CD)

ISBN: 978-1928369233

The Big Surprise
The Wish
Best Friends

R 297.00

DVD in all 11 languages

ISBN: 978-0980272789

The Big Surprise

R 145.00