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The Adventures of Themba and Bizza

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The adventures of Themba and Bizza is a series of South African comic books. The genre is Afrocentric Multicultural Fiction set against a background of the folklore, history and mythology of Southern Africa. The readers can relate to the characters, environment and language, and much enjoy the books as a result.

The books are suitable for ages 9 and older.

  • Format: 297 x 220, Portrait, 36pp, perfect bound
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The seven Mthombothi beads

In 1849, in a peaceful village on the Southern African coast of the warm Indian Ocean, a boy was born called Themba. Like all the boys in the village, he worked very hard at becoming a skilful young man, but his life was meant to take a totally different direction. Little did he know that he would never grow old like all his friends and even less did he imagine that he would meet his very best friend in the streets of a township 149 years later. But Bizza, his best friend-to-be, only bursts out laughing when Themba tells him the incredible story of his childhood…

Also available in:

  • isiZulu: Ubuhlalu obuyisikhombisa boMthombothi
  • isiXhosa: Izacholo zoMthombothi Ezisixhenxe
  • Afrikaans: Die sewe Mthombothi-krale
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The enchanted country

After Themba takes Bizza 150 years back in time to prove the power of the Mthombothi beads, Bizza decides to find his own way home, not realising where he is. However, the pulsating world around him quickly absorbs him and soon he is in pursuit of a band of warriors and their captives.

Themba, fortunately, finds Bizza and after some fearful encounters the two friends manage to make their way back home, unharmed. But Bizza’s pride is seriously dented.

Also available in:

  • isiZulu: Izwe Lezigigaba
  • isiXhosa: Ilizwe Lezigigaba
  • Afrikaans: Die bekoorlike land
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Bizza’s revenge

After the humiliation in the enchanted country, Bizza decides that he must take revenge against the warrior who forced him to run for his life. In order to achieve this, he ‘borrows’ Themba’s beads and brings the warrior to the year 2001. Of course, things go wrong and it is only with the help of his uncle Mzolo that Themba eventually gets ready to return the young warrior to his time.

At that moment, however, Ntokozo shows up.

Also available in:

  • isiZulu: Ukuziphindiselela kukaBhiza
  • isiXhosa: UBhiza Uyaziphindezela
  • Afrikaans: Bizza neem wraak
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The golden sceptre

On the banks of the Limpopo River, a group of archaeologists makes a dazzling discovery: a golden sceptre in the shape of an eagle is dug up from a deep low cave, but its craftsmanship is not like any encountered in the region before. Where did it come from and how long has it lain buried there? Greedy eyes are watching however and before the team can begin to unravel the puzzle, they are robbed of the prized object. In despair, they turn to Themba and Bizza who mount a recovery attempt, but just as they are about to recapture the sceptre, Bizza triggers off a series of blunders that leaves them caught up in the dangerous intrigues of an ancient kingdom.

Also available in:

  • isiZulu: Intonga yegolide
  • Afrikaans: Die Goue Septer
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The flight of the Princess

Circumstances have conspired to make Themba and Bizza the reluctant allies of one of two feuding dynasties in ancient Zimbabwe 500 years ago, and they are persuaded to help rescue one of its princesses.

They can in any event not leave without Justice and Innocent, the two vagabonds who unwittingly became caught up in the same turmoil, and who, captured by the opposing faction, have been ‘enlisted’ in the pursuit party.

This party is hot on the heels of Themba and Bizza, ready to strike at them with the fearful craft of the sorcerer of the Gomo Ronodhuma, ‘the Mountain that Whispers’.

Also available in:

  • isiZulu: Ukubaleka kweNkosazana
  • Afrikaans: Die Prinses op vlug
English pack (5 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369066

The seven Mthombothi beads 978‐0620283533
The enchanted country 978‐0620294843
Bizza’s revenge 978‐0620302494
The golden sceptre 978‐0620315906
The flight of the Princess 978‐0620340823

Pack Price: R 604.75 incl.

Afrikaans pack (5 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369097

Die sewe Mthombothi-krale 978‐0620325271
Die bekoorlike land 978‐0620344371
Bizza neem wraak 978‐0620344388
Die goue septer 978‐0980272758
Die Prinses op vlug 978‐0980272765

Pack Price:  R 604.75 incl.

IsiZulu pack  (5 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369073

Ubuhlalu obuyisikhombisa boMthombothi 978‐0958497916
Izwe Lezigigaba 978‐0958497923
Ukuziphindisela kukaBhiza 978‐0958497930
Intonga yegolide 978‐0958497947
Ukubaleka kweNkosazana 978‐0958497954

Pack Price: R 604.75 incl.

IsiXhosa pack (3 titles)

ISBN: 978-1928369080

Izacholo ZoMthombothi Ezisixhenxe 978‐0980272796
Ilizwe Lezigigaba 978‐1920300104
UBhiza Uyaziphindezela 978‐1920300111

Pack Price: R 604.85 incl.

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